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Introducing Cypress Investment Management

Welcome to Cypress Investment Management, a Real Estate Asset Management Company that helps investors achieve unique goals. Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical asset management services. We are Japan real estate specialists and we’re confident we’re the right Asset Management Company for you.

About Cypress

  • Cypress Investment Management was established in 2019 by the three experienced real estate professionals (Keiju Miyazaki, Takashi Sakai and Nobuhiro Arai) who founded Tokyo Trust Capital in 2016 and led Japan investment efforts.  Before establishing Tokyo Trust Capital, the three members worked together at Aetos Japan, a US based asset management company.

  • At Tokyo Trust Capital, the key members successfully closed the two class A office transactions with Korean investors within 2 years.  In Japan, as with other major markets, the acquisition environment was extremely competitive, especially for class A assets, and it was phenomenal for a newly established company to have acquired two major deals.

  • This was made possible because the three members have long experiences in the Japanese real estate market and established considerable trust among the real estate communities.  Credibility is considered one of the most important factors in acquisitions.

  • The first investment was Ariake Central Tower located at Koto-ku, Tokyo closed in September 2017.  Since the acquisition, the key members have achieved more than 20% NOI increase through rent increase and cost reduction and the asset value has appreciated by more than 30%.

  • The second deal was Hitachi Solutions Tower B closed in June 2018.  The key members has achieved 5% NOI increase mainly through rent increase with its major tenant.  The asset value has appreciated by more than 20%.  The both deals were sourced using our network.

  • In December 2020, Cypress acquired New City Tama Center Building, the first deal as Cypress, with one of the largest European investors.

  • The key success factors for Japan deals including the above two deals are as follows.

    • Favorable Purchase Price: Due to the close relationship with sellers, we negotiate with sellers to purchase assets at an affordable price.  We focus on off-market transactions.

    • Rent Increase: we focus on deals with upside potentials.  For the above two deals, we negotiated hard with major tenants and achieved rent increase.  Our job is to identify opportunities to raise rents.

    • Cost Reduction: we seek for expense reduction opportunities.  We achieved substantial cost reduction through the replacement of various vendors or negotiations.

    • Strategic Disposition: we constantly communicate with the market who can pay the highest price.  We identify investor candidates.

  • Cypress will provide foreign investors seeking to invest in Japan real estate with Japan real estate expertise.  We know the Japan market and will source and manage deals for investors.


Our Services

Cypress Investment Management exists to provide our investors with premier asset management services. As Japan real estate experts, we focus on investment opportunities with upside potentials and strategically enhance asset values.  Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

Image by Sorasak
Image by JJ Ying

Asset Management

With years of experience, our experts have the capabilities and expertise to take your real investments in Japan to the next level. At Cypress Investment Management, we combine our insights and skills to enhance your investment returns. We’re proud to help improve how our investors structure and manage their investments.

Real Estate Advisory

Looking to invest in Japan but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing asset acquisition/disposition? Let us guide you. In today’s rapidly changing real estate environment, it is critical for investors to obtain up-to-date information in order to maximize your investment returns.

The Team

Keiju Miyazaki


Mr. Miyazaki began his career at Towa Real Estate where he worked in real estate sales and investment. He joined Hudson Japan, an asset management company of the Lone Star Funds Group in 1999 in Japan and worked on management and liquidation of loan collateral assets. He was an original start-up member of Aetos Japan LLC. where he rose to become Managing Director in charge of Asset Management and Disposition. During more than 14 years at Aetos he handled an aggregate of more than 1 trillion yen of real estate assets from management thru liquidation in their Funds I to IV. Mr. Miyazaki was also deeply involved in supervising and improving the operations of Aetos’ portfolio companies, i.e. Matsushita Kosan, Simplex, and numerous hotel/golf resort operators. Mr. Miyazaki was a founding member of Tokyo Trust Capital and as a representative director in charge of Japan investments, he led the two deals to success within 2 years.  He has an extensive network and deep relationships in the domestic Japanese real estate industry which is rarely matched. Mr. Miyazaki is a graduate of Meisei University.

Takashi Sakai

Managing Director in charge of Acquisition and Asset Management

Mr. Sakai started his career at Kajima Corporation, one of the largest construction & development firms in Japan, where he worked in the real estate development division. He was selected for company scholarship and earned an MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After Kajima, Mr. Sakai worked in various roles encompassing analytical and acquisition roles in real estate at GE Real Estate Japan, Macquarie, Warburg Pincus, DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners and Aetos Japan.
Prior to joining Cypress, Mr. Sakai was a founding member of Tokyo Trust Capital and, as a managing director of acquisitions, successfully closed the two office transactions in Tokyo. In addition to his MBA at Wharton, Mr. Sakai is a graduate of Tokyo University where he majored in Urban Engineering.

Nobuhiro Arai

Managing Director in charge of Reporting, Finance & Accounting

Nobuhiro Arai, Managing Director in charge of Reporting, Finance & Accounting Mr . Arai is an accountant by training and started his career at global accounting firm Deloitte Touche. After Deloitte, he joined GMAC Commercial Holdings Asia where he worked in Asset  Management and Accounting & Finance. After GMAC, he joined Macquarie Group in Tokyo where he was the Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Group.   Mr. Arai headed the Accounting & Finance Dept. at Aetos Japan LLC where in addition to his management role he also worked on the successful sale of the Simplex Corporation. Prior to Cypress, he was a managing director of Tokyo Trust Capital and in charge of all the asset management activities. He is a graduate of University of Technology Sydney, Australia where majored in business.


Takashi Urago

Chief Engineer

Mr. Urago started his career at Yuraku Tochi, where he was engaged in redevelopment projects, condominium developments and brokerage.  He joined Hudson Japan, the exclusive AM company of the Lone Star Fund, where he was in charge of the operation and sale of large office buildings. In 2014, he joined Japan REIT Advisors, the asset management company of United Urban Investment Corporation (J-REIT), where he was in charge of the office building division. In 2014, he joined Japan REIT Advisors (a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation), the asset management company of United Urban Investment Corporation (J-REIT), where he was in charge of the office building division. In 2021, he joined Cypress Investment Management.
Graduated from Tokyo University of Science with a degree in architecture. He is a first-class architect.

Our Project

New City Tama Center Building

Location: Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo

Completion: 2002

GFA: 38,927.96 sqm (11,775.70 tsubo)

NRA: 24,040.56 sqm  (7,272.27 tsubo)
Parking: 129 spaces

Story: 8 floors/Basement 2 floors

Acquisition: December 2020


Contact Us

Saiwai Building 9th floor
1-3-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011 Japan


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